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History of the Most Worshipful Universal Grand Lodge, A.F. & A.M., and Star of Hope Grand Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star

On a request from the Masons in the State of Louisiana, the officers of the Most Worshipful Universal Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. the State of Texas, declared the craft in the State of Louisiana to form a Grand Lodge.

On March 28, 1922, the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge was organized.

It was incorporated under the laws of the State of Louisiana, April 4, 1922, as the Universal Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M and the Star of Hope Grand Chapter O.E.S.

Brother James C. Cornelius, Grand Master; Charles S. Haywood, Deputy Grand Master; Tom Payne, Grand Senior Warden; John Terry, Grand Junior Warden; James Walker, Grand Secretary, and Willie Johnson, Grand Treasurer.

Other Grand Masters are Ill. Emile Simmons, Ill. T.J. Hawkins, Ill. Howard Edmonds, Ill. John Sims, Ill. Joseph L. Thomas, and now serving Ill. Terry Moore.

Present officers are Ill. Kenneth Thompson, Jr., Deputy Grand Master; Bro. Andrew Morning, Grand Senior Warden; Bro. Phil C. Strickland, Grand Junior Warden; Bro. Reginald Wright, Grand Secretary; Bro. Richard Gladney, Jr., Grand Treasurer; and Bro. Michael Daniel, Grand Recorder.


The Masonic brothers realized that the daughters, widows, wives, sisters, and mothers should be given the opportunity to operate independently; therefore, and amendment was made to the Corporation that gave Star of Hope Grand Chapter the right to have Subordinate Chapters which were subject to the control and jurisdiction of the Grand Chapter. This was Star of Hope beginning.

It must have been heavenly bliss for Brother James C. Cornelius, 1st Grand Patron.

Other Patrons: Bro. H.H. Dunkins, Bro. Dewey Crayton, Bro. Willie Anthony (4th & 5th), Bro. Willie Adams (6th), and now serving Bro. Collier Mickle.

Sister Addie Barnett was the 1st Grand Matron, followed by Sister Mamie L. Graham (4th), Sister Hattie Booker, Sister Mable Riser, Sister O.F. Rodgers (7th), Sister Mary Jane Wilson, and now serving Sister Margaret Bowie-Thompson.

Present officers are Sister Martha Morris, Grand Worthy Associate Matron; Brother Ricky Davenport, Grand Worthy Associate Patron; Sister Altrecia Jackson, Grand Worthy Treasurer; Sister Vernelda Morning, Grand Worthy Secretary; Sister Rosie Williams, Grand Worthy Recorder; Sister Lodie Conner, Grand Worthy Assistant Recorder. Grand Auditors have been Sisters Lillian Hall, Maggie Demery, and Martha Morris; presently, Sister Jo Marie Jones.


“We are not makers of history. We are made by history.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

In 1952, God spoke to the loyal and devoted leaders of Star of Hope Grand Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star and inspired them to say with faith, “If we can save our children, we can save and help build our organizations.” – The Most Worshipful Universal Grand Lodge and Star of Hope Grand Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star.

With God as their guide and faith in their hearts, the courage late Sister M.L. Graham, Worthy Grand Matron, who was determined to save our children, the late Brother Dewey Crayton, Worth Grand Patron, and the late Sister Mamie B. Mayo, Worth Grand Secretary, sought permission from Honorable T.J. Hawkins, Grand Worshipful Master, and his official staff, to organize a Grand Juvenile Chapter.

Permission was granted, and the first Grand Juvenile Mother, the last Sister Mable Riser, who later served as Worthy Grand Matron, was appointed over the Grand Juvenile Department. Her tenure as Grand Juvenile Mother was from January 1952 to June 1968. The late Sister Kathryn Green Williams was appointed the Grand Juvenile Secretary.

In 1952, Worthy Grand Patron Dewey Crayton and Grand Juvenile Secretary Kathryn E. Williams organized Star of Hope Juvenile Encampment.

Today, serving as Grand Juvenile Mother is Sister Jannie Draper; Sister Evelyn Braggs, Grand Associate Juvenile Mother; Brothers Andrew Morning and Brother Fredric Washington, Grand Juvenile Fathers. Also, we honor the late Brother Floyd Jones, Jr., as Past Grand Juvenile Father.

Juvenile State officers are as follows: Kaileah Calloway – Gleaner Matron; Mikey Shepard – Gleaner Patron; Na'Ziya Weathers – Gleaner Associate Matron; Warren Shepherd – Gleaner Associate Patron; Skylar Lee – Gleaner Secretary; Kandace Wilson – Gleaner Treasurer.

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